‘Clever, compliant, legal and easy to install’: that’s Home Boost from Salamander Pumps

The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering, (CIPHE), is the professional body for the UK plumbing and heating industry, and its Operations Manager, Danny Davis, believes that Salamander’s Home Boost presents the UK plumbing industry with an opportunity.

‘There are over a million combi-boilers installed each year, and for many installations poor flow can be a problem. A common solution is to replace the incoming mains water supply, which can be laborious and can be cost prohibitive’, Danny said. ‘I can envisage Salamander Home Boost providing a much simper solution for home owners, those living in smaller houses and especially those living in flats, where space is limited and the replacement of a mains water supply could be very difficult.’

Salamander believe that some sections of the trade have yet to appreciate that Home Boost is, in fact, legal and that it can be installed anywhere in the UK. They wish to assure plumbers, installers and homeowners that Home Boost is legal! It complies with all the relevant water regulations and you don’t need to get the written approval of your water provider so install it’,

Just to be clear: it is an offence, under The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, to connect a pump or a booster that draws more than 12 litres per minute to a supply pipe – either directly or indirectly. Home Boost complies with this requirement thanks to an integral microchip that ensures that the 12 litre legal limit cannot be breached via the pump. Home Boost is an intelligent pump; the software built into the unit recognizes increases in mains pressure and flow and automatically reduce its assistance to the incoming mains. The 12 litre limit cannot be breached by the pump.

‘Home Boost is clever and it’s simple to install’, Danny said, ‘and it could be ideal for home owners and those living in smaller houses and flats. It’s encouraging to know that professional installers can now offer another solution to poor water flow issues, one that is compliant with the WRAS water regulations and will help customers to reach the potential of their appliances, where other solutions may not be practical.’

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